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The Workplace Collective

Therapy service and coaching support

In crises – from bereavements to relationship breakdowns, from work related-burnouts to unexpected accidents – your staff will need support.

We can offer a 1:1 appointment within 24 hours with a qualified psychotherapist, who will make an assessment and refer to a skilled team member with specific and appropriate training. Without such tailored support, your employee would be languishing on the lengthy waiting list to be seen by the NHS, and are meanwhile signed off work.

Away from immediate crisis management, we also work with executive life coaches who offer support to Individuals who want to take a proactive and positive approach to their wellbeing.

We offer time-limited sessions (of between six and 12 weeks) or unlimited support, and have a flexible online booking system to accommodate sessions at mutually convenient times.

Therapy and coaching options

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Delivery and fees

Please contact us to discuss pricing and availability.

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We go beyond traditional corporate wellness coaching to evidence-based, solid psychology, using practical tools to empower your staff to make change.