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The Workplace Collective

Education and training

Our online and in-person programmes go beyond traditional corporate wellness coaching to solid psychology, delivered engagingly and enthusiastically.

Via workshops, webinars or away days, our training imparts empirically proven techniques to reduce stress, motivate engagement and promote job satisfaction.

This proactive approach gives your teams the practical tools they need to embrace challenge, adapt to uncertainty, be more fulfilled every day and collaborate more effectively.

Training options

Mental health awareness

  • For managers: half-day introduction to mental health for leaders and supervisors
  • For workforce champions: two-day training programme for employees volunteering as workforce mental health champions

Wellness sessions

  • Strengthening personal resilience
  • Managing anxiety through mindfulness
  • Stress and burnout: how to avoid getting to the edge
  • Introduction to a growth mindset
  • Emotional intelligence: how and why it helps us be happier and healthier
  • Menopause: what do we need to know now everyone is talking about it
  • Exercise and movement for a healthy mind
  • Your gut needs your attention too: healthy nutrition is critical to wellbeing
  • The science of sleep and why we so desperately need more of it

These can be online or in person, and for one hour, two hours, half a day, a whole day or in bundles.

Leadership coaching (for all those in supervisory roles)

One- or two-hour sessions, online or in person.

Additional information

Delivery and fees

Please contact us to discuss pricing and availability.

Curious to find out how we can help your workplace? Let's talk together!

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.

Jalal ad-Din Rumi
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We go beyond traditional corporate wellness coaching to evidence-based, solid psychology, using practical tools to empower your staff to make change.