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Audits and wellbeing surveys

A wellbeing policy, charter or strategy embeds mental fitness into the culture of your business, enabling you to attract and retain the best talent.

We can work with you to create or inform your strategy, reviewing what exists or starting from the bottom up. The consultancy audit can meet you where you are now, discuss team dynamics, interview key leaders, consider diversity and review absenteeism.

A staff wellbeing survey takes it to your people, with confidential questions on how they’re doing, what they feel your business is doing well and what they still need from you.

The resulting reports, facts and figures can both inform your strategy and provide KPIs against which to measure investment in wellbeing, and allows accountability.

Audit and survey options

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Humans can no more survive psychologically in a psychological milieu that does not respond empathically to them than they can survive physically in an atmosphere that contains no oxygen.

Heinz Kohut
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We go beyond traditional corporate wellness coaching to evidence-based, solid psychology, using practical tools to empower your staff to make change.