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Mental health and wellbeing for professionals

Our expert team of experienced psychologists, psychotherapists, trainers and coaches have a passion for helping people be better. And we want to bring that passion and expertise to your workplace.

Informed by psychology, our range of programmes can help you reduce workplace stress and increase motivation for your staff, train your leaders to embrace challenge and adapt to uncertainty, or help your staff through personal crises.

Online or in person, for one hour or for as long as you need, The Workplace Collective can create wellbeing strategies for long-term positive change, improve teamwork and reduce absenteeism.

We go beyond traditional corporate wellness coaching to evidence-based, solid psychology, using practical tools to empower your staff to make change.

People are your most valuable asset, so you need to look after them. When your workforce isn’t happy, you’ll see it in low productivity, lots of days off and high staff turnover (61% of people leave jobs for their mental health). According to a Deloitte study, poor mental health costs UK companies up to £56 billion a year, or 97 million hours (or 250,000 years) each year. Companies like yours.

Happy, productive staff are good for business, so it makes sense to look after your staff’s mental health when things are going well, keeping them motivated, satisfied and challenged, as well as bringing the professionals in to help with acute problems like burnout, anxiety, stress or other mental health problems.

Our services cover four main areas:

Education and training

Therapy service and coaching support

Audits and wellbeing surveys

Reflective practice groups

I can wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend Kerry. I know Kerry on a professional basis. She has incredible knowledge, is highly skilled and is a bit of an academic! She is also kind, compassionate, trustworthy and conscientious, and she achieves some wonderful results for the clients lucky enough to work with her.

Helen LambertRegistered Nutritional Therapist BA(hons), MA, DipION, mBANT

Excellent training delivered to our management team. Her super energetic style of presenting - weaving in personal stories, insightful research and practical tools - equipped our managers with new insight for personal development and team management, promoting wellbeing at work in a relevant and helpful way.

Lydia DrakeCAP UK

I was at a crossroads in my career, and I needed some independent focus and guidance, I needed clarity. I was aware of my abilities to manage and lead but still struggled to believe in my potential, what could I dare to achieve if I truly believed in myself? April broke this down step by step offering practical but spiritual tools. Continual learning is key, reflecting, facing the challenge head-on, and visualising. I’m still on my journey but so much has changed for the better – thank you April.

Charlotte MuntonHead of Recruitment Compass Community

One of the best investments Hall Brown Family Law ever made was to source and retain specialist Psychotherapist, Kerry Slater. Kerry is available 24 hours a day on a free and purely anonymous basis because we know supporting the mental health and wellbeing of our team has to be a top priority. Of course times are tough but, and whilst most businesses are slashing “discretionary” spending from their respective budgets, I’d urge fellow business owners to give #mentalhealth the importance it deserves.

Sam HallHall Brown Family Law

At HB Projects we have utilised April as both a personal development coach and a trainer. April approaches both these roles with passion, commitment and positivity. Her enthusiasm and good humour are infectious. As a coach, April delivers tangible outcomes – helping the individuals she coaches to develop personally and professionally. This, in turn, leads to improved performance in the workplace. As a trainer, April draws on her past experience to deliver effective, targeted, and often tailored, content in an engaging and impactful manner.

Martin WrightPeople Director, HB Projects

April-joy has the rare ability to leave you buzzing and empowered from engaging with her passionate, skilled presentations yet also feeling you have just met your wisest best friend for coffee and left with a 'best life action plan' in your pocket.

Dr. Laura Wood

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We go beyond traditional corporate wellness coaching to evidence-based, solid psychology, using practical tools to empower your staff to make change.